C.O.A.H. Extra Activities

2) What other type of art activities are there in COAH? 
 (* = planned ** = already happening)

1: Art Book Crossing **
 There is an arts books crossing so people can give / take art books

2: Art Factory* there is some art producing facilities 
( digital printer to produce postcards etc)

3: Art Shop ( in house)*:
 Artists can sell their own products in the small shop.
 ( everyone keeps their own money)

4: Art Shop ( on Line )*:
 Artists can sell their own products vai internet

5 Communal Studio**:
 COAH has a communal art studio
 ( big enuf for 3 maybe 4 peole to draw / paint there

6: 3rd Thursday Art Gallery**:
 COAH has an art gallery. 
On the 3rd Thursday of each month 
there is an opening of 5 artists ( from 7 – 8pm ).
 This is followed by a meal
 ( All artists keep money from any art they may sell)

7: Cinema*:  
a) Screen full length art films 
( any art films – hopefully including 
even from local professional and student film makers) 
 b) Screen short art films
 ( eg a compilation from U tubes. 
Also it would great to encourage local professional 
and student film makers their own home made movies)

8: Café **: there is a vegan café.

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